Creative times

Hi everone!

My very sincere apology for not writing as frequent as I wanted.

Like I wrote in my swedish blog; the weather is too beautiful to sit inside writing a blog. But at the same time, it is so much fun doing it. The best way to actually write is to disciplin myself to sit down at the computer the same time every evening for half an hour or so. It doesn´t take much longer and it is a rewarding time and a kind of realaxtion for me.

But some times my garden shouts out louder for me than the computer does and I get stuck amongst my plants and vegetables. Hopefully I will devide my sparetime a little bit wiser in the future 🙂


Right now I am working hard on my next exhibition which will take place on the 16th-22th of july.

It is a fantastic process to create the ideas I have in my head; to beatiful jewellery for others to wear. But sometimes it is actually quite frustrating to have to stop the work to do some everyday shores or to pick my daughter up from preeschool. Don´t get me wrong – having my daughter home is the best thing in the world to me. It is the the “brake up” part in the middle of a creative moment that is the confusing factor. When I return to work next time; I might not have the same creative “spirit” which I had when I left the piece the day before.

The same goes for having to stop working in the middle of a day to go to the dentist or having a haircut. The perfect creative moment might vanish and you have to start all over again.

But hey; most days it is just the best work you can have. It´s an indulgence to be able to have your hobby as an occupation. Not everyone have the same pleasure!


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