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I´ve been busy

Oh, I have been so busy lately that I havn´t had the time to write. It´s been such a beautiful weather that I spend more time outdoors than indoors.

Besides spending my free time outside, I work a lot. Right now, people orders my handstamped name tags in different shapes.

My pendants in Silver metal clay are also quite popular and I really like making those.

Tomorrow is the last working day this week here in Sweden, since it is a national holiday on thursday and friday. We are going to my mother-in-law on thursday for some barbeque and then we are bringing home my car. We wanted to sell it and only use my husband´s car in order to be more enviromentally friendly, but I have changed my mind 🙂

I have been riding a bike to kindergarten with Alma everyday and it is not funny when it´s raining cats and dogs. I know – I sound like a spoiled child or something – but there you have it…..

My attention however; is to still ride the bike whenever the weather allows it. It is not all bad and it is good exercise as well.


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Learing how to swing

My daughter is learing how to swing and she loves it. She has up to now used the “babyswing”, but thinks she´s ready for the “real” one.

She is beginning to get the hang of it, though she falls of quite often 🙂 But she just laughs and wants to be pulled up again.


My oregano is growing like weeds in the vegtable garden, so I picked some and used it in todays supper.

I took some meat and stroke Dijon mustard and Cream cheese on it. Then I shopped the oregano and put it on the meat ( with the cheese and mustard) and rolled it up together. I don´t know what those “rolls” is called in english but there must be some word for it????

I made a lovely cauliflower purée to go with the meat and it tasted yummi. The purée contained a lot of cream, an eggyolk and some seasoning ( oregano). Even Alma thought it tasted nice.

We didn´t eat any carbs with this dish, since I try to avoid it. I need to loose some weight. Normally I make potatos, pasta, rice, etc to Alma and M to complement the protein, but today it wasn´t nescessary.

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Thank you

Many thanks to the first person who left a comment here – Sonya from “Counting My Blessings”.

Visit her inspiring blog and enjoy the beautiful handcraft and lovely pictures!

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Number ONE!

Welcome to “A year in english”!

I like to write and I love languages – I always have. Currently I have another blog written in Swedish but I have wanted to have one in english as well. ( yes, I am from Sweden).

So one day I said to myself – “Why not start an english written blog. It is a perfect opportunity to practice the language and at the same time; possibly get some international blogfriends?”

The mission with ” A year in english” will be to write only in english for 365 days ( it doesn´t have to be a calender year). One day might contain several posts, but it is the DAYS that counts.

I welcome comments about my spelling and other language errors that will occur – I want improve my written english and hopefully in a year I might have done so.

The second mission is to find out how fast it takes to actually get my first readers, therefore I will not tell anyone I personally  know about this blog. How hard is it to get people to leave comments on my posts?? And will I end up with new blogfriends as the 365 days have past??

I am so exited about this project and I hope you leave some feedback in one of my posts!!!

And by the way….thanks for stopping by!

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