Number ONE!

Welcome to “A year in english”!

I like to write and I love languages – I always have. Currently I have another blog written in Swedish but I have wanted to have one in english as well. ( yes, I am from Sweden).

So one day I said to myself – “Why not start an english written blog. It is a perfect opportunity to practice the language and at the same time; possibly get some international blogfriends?”

The mission with ” A year in english” will be to write only in english for 365 days ( it doesn┬┤t have to be a calender year). One day might contain several posts, but it is the DAYS that counts.

I welcome comments about my spelling and other language errors that will occur – I want improve my written english and hopefully in a year I might have done so.

The second mission is to find out how fast it takes to actually get my first readers, therefore I will not tell anyone I personally  know about this blog. How hard is it to get people to leave comments on my posts?? And will I end up with new blogfriends as the 365 days have past??

I am so exited about this project and I hope you leave some feedback in one of my posts!!!

And by the way….thanks for stopping by!


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