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Learing how to swing

My daughter is learing how to swing and she loves it. She has up to now used the “babyswing”, but thinks she´s ready for the “real” one.

She is beginning to get the hang of it, though she falls of quite often 🙂 But she just laughs and wants to be pulled up again.


My oregano is growing like weeds in the vegtable garden, so I picked some and used it in todays supper.

I took some meat and stroke Dijon mustard and Cream cheese on it. Then I shopped the oregano and put it on the meat ( with the cheese and mustard) and rolled it up together. I don´t know what those “rolls” is called in english but there must be some word for it????

I made a lovely cauliflower purée to go with the meat and it tasted yummi. The purée contained a lot of cream, an eggyolk and some seasoning ( oregano). Even Alma thought it tasted nice.

We didn´t eat any carbs with this dish, since I try to avoid it. I need to loose some weight. Normally I make potatos, pasta, rice, etc to Alma and M to complement the protein, but today it wasn´t nescessary.


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