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Don´t you just love strawberries?? I certainly do and now is the “season” for them here in Sweden. The strawberry plants I have in my garden have not yet given fruit, but they are blooming beautifully and growing everyday. So for now – we buy them at the supermarket.


So let me tell you a little bit more about myself….

I love reading books and magazines and when ever I am working with my jewelery I listen to audiobooks. If it is possible; I read books in english and my audiobooks are purshased from Audiable.com. It is the perfect way to practice antoher/new language – you have to constantly stay alert if you want to be “up to date” with the language. The only thing that bothers me is that I don´t get the chance to speak it as often as I would like to. But hey – you can´t have everything 🙂

My husband makes a lot of business trips to the USA so whenever he is “over there”, he buys me english books and a stack of magazines from Stampington. Last week he was in Santa Clara CA and now I am reading this lovely thing

Inspirational reading

A huge hug to Elaine from “Tinker Verve” who gave me the name of Stampington when I ask her for some interesting craft/lifestyle reading. Pay her a visit!!

We don´t have those kind of magazines here in Sweden and if you know of any other one like the one´s from Stampington – please let me know. I am always up for a good reading “treat”.



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