Celebrating Swedish national holiday – Midsommar

We are celebrating an old Swedish holiday this weekend – Midsommar (Midsummer). It´always on a friday, so yesterday we were at my brothers place celebrating with him, his wife and some friends. Alma loved it and so did we.

Basically we celebrate the upcomping summer with some nice food, singing and dancing. I am not going to give you all the details about this tradition; it´s quite confusing to understand if you´re not Swedish 🙂

Tonight we were suppose to be at another dinner party, but Alma´s got some sort of stomach flu so we stayed at home. Hopefully she will be better in the morning.

Now I will return to some art project which I am experimenting with.  It involves image transfer and some painting…..Let´s just see how it turns out – maybe I´ll show it  to you in a day or two depending of the outcome 🙂


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Creative times

Hi everone!

My very sincere apology for not writing as frequent as I wanted.

Like I wrote in my swedish blog; the weather is too beautiful to sit inside writing a blog. But at the same time, it is so much fun doing it. The best way to actually write is to disciplin myself to sit down at the computer the same time every evening for half an hour or so. It doesn´t take much longer and it is a rewarding time and a kind of realaxtion for me.

But some times my garden shouts out louder for me than the computer does and I get stuck amongst my plants and vegetables. Hopefully I will devide my sparetime a little bit wiser in the future 🙂


Right now I am working hard on my next exhibition which will take place on the 16th-22th of july.

It is a fantastic process to create the ideas I have in my head; to beatiful jewellery for others to wear. But sometimes it is actually quite frustrating to have to stop the work to do some everyday shores or to pick my daughter up from preeschool. Don´t get me wrong – having my daughter home is the best thing in the world to me. It is the the “brake up” part in the middle of a creative moment that is the confusing factor. When I return to work next time; I might not have the same creative “spirit” which I had when I left the piece the day before.

The same goes for having to stop working in the middle of a day to go to the dentist or having a haircut. The perfect creative moment might vanish and you have to start all over again.

But hey; most days it is just the best work you can have. It´s an indulgence to be able to have your hobby as an occupation. Not everyone have the same pleasure!

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I´ve been busy

Oh, I have been so busy lately that I havn´t had the time to write. It´s been such a beautiful weather that I spend more time outdoors than indoors.

Besides spending my free time outside, I work a lot. Right now, people orders my handstamped name tags in different shapes.

My pendants in Silver metal clay are also quite popular and I really like making those.

Tomorrow is the last working day this week here in Sweden, since it is a national holiday on thursday and friday. We are going to my mother-in-law on thursday for some barbeque and then we are bringing home my car. We wanted to sell it and only use my husband´s car in order to be more enviromentally friendly, but I have changed my mind 🙂

I have been riding a bike to kindergarten with Alma everyday and it is not funny when it´s raining cats and dogs. I know – I sound like a spoiled child or something – but there you have it…..

My attention however; is to still ride the bike whenever the weather allows it. It is not all bad and it is good exercise as well.

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Learing how to swing

My daughter is learing how to swing and she loves it. She has up to now used the “babyswing”, but thinks she´s ready for the “real” one.

She is beginning to get the hang of it, though she falls of quite often 🙂 But she just laughs and wants to be pulled up again.


My oregano is growing like weeds in the vegtable garden, so I picked some and used it in todays supper.

I took some meat and stroke Dijon mustard and Cream cheese on it. Then I shopped the oregano and put it on the meat ( with the cheese and mustard) and rolled it up together. I don´t know what those “rolls” is called in english but there must be some word for it????

I made a lovely cauliflower purée to go with the meat and it tasted yummi. The purée contained a lot of cream, an eggyolk and some seasoning ( oregano). Even Alma thought it tasted nice.

We didn´t eat any carbs with this dish, since I try to avoid it. I need to loose some weight. Normally I make potatos, pasta, rice, etc to Alma and M to complement the protein, but today it wasn´t nescessary.

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Don´t you just love strawberries?? I certainly do and now is the “season” for them here in Sweden. The strawberry plants I have in my garden have not yet given fruit, but they are blooming beautifully and growing everyday. So for now – we buy them at the supermarket.


So let me tell you a little bit more about myself….

I love reading books and magazines and when ever I am working with my jewelery I listen to audiobooks. If it is possible; I read books in english and my audiobooks are purshased from Audiable.com. It is the perfect way to practice antoher/new language – you have to constantly stay alert if you want to be “up to date” with the language. The only thing that bothers me is that I don´t get the chance to speak it as often as I would like to. But hey – you can´t have everything 🙂

My husband makes a lot of business trips to the USA so whenever he is “over there”, he buys me english books and a stack of magazines from Stampington. Last week he was in Santa Clara CA and now I am reading this lovely thing

Inspirational reading

A huge hug to Elaine from “Tinker Verve” who gave me the name of Stampington when I ask her for some interesting craft/lifestyle reading. Pay her a visit!!

We don´t have those kind of magazines here in Sweden and if you know of any other one like the one´s from Stampington – please let me know. I am always up for a good reading “treat”.


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Thank you

Many thanks to the first person who left a comment here – Sonya from “Counting My Blessings”.

Visit her inspiring blog and enjoy the beautiful handcraft and lovely pictures!

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This is me

I would like to tell you a little bit more about myself.

My name is Susanne and I am 39 years old ( actually I am 38, but I am turning 39 in the beginning of june) . My hometown is situated in the southern part of Sweden at the east coast and I live in a house together with my husband M and my two-year old daughter Alma.

I use to work as a teacher, but now I have a webshop where I sell Trollbeads, Kimmidolls and my own jewellery. My office and workshop is right here in my house, which I find quite comfortable.

We have a nice garden; which I like to develope cause we have only lived here since 2005 when we build the house. When ever I have some time of, I run out to do some gardening and I am currently struggling with ants in amongst my vegetables. If you have any tips about how to get rid of them in a non-toxic way – PLEASE let me know!!!

OK – this was some basic information about myself but you can be sure that I will continue to describe myself in the upcoming posts!!

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